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Htaccess Redirect Generator

1. Select redirect type

2. Enter your domain name

Do not include www. Domain name only - e.g.

3. Get your code

4. Copy the code to your .htaccess file

About Htaccess Redirect Generator

The Htaccess Redirect Generator tool is an amazing tool that simplifies the process of creating and managing redirects for your website. It allows you to easily generate the necessary code that needs to be added to your .htaccess file, saving you time and effort.

With this tool, you can effortlessly redirect old or broken URLs to new ones, ensuring that your visitors are always directed to the correct page. Whether you are changing the structure of your website, moving pages to a new domain, or simply updating your URL format, the Htaccess Redirect Generator tool has got you covered.

Not only does this tool make creating redirects a breeze, but it also helps improve your website's SEO by preventing broken links and ensuring that search engines can properly index your content. So if you want to take control of your website's redirects and boost its overall performance, give the Htaccess Redirect Generator tool a try - you won't be disappointed!